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The skin is the body's largest organ and is the physical barrier that protects you from the outside world.

You may not see it, but there's always a detergent residue left in your fabric fibres.

If it's on your clothes, it'll be on your skin and then absorbed into your body.

Wash in peace knowing our 4 ingredient formula is natural and non-toxic.

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Whiter whites and brighter colours without the harsh chemicals.

Our Natural Oxygen Bleach is the second safest bleach after sunlight!

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  • No Synthetics

  • No Parabens

  • No Petrochems

  • No Enzymes

  • No Chlorines

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Our Story

Our Pure Laundry Powder recipe is over 100 years old. These time-honoured recipes have been handed down the generations since the 1920s with our founder Ed, being the keeper of them at present.

Our mission is to share these incredible recipes with those who need them most. Providing natural, safe and sustainable alternatives to your everyday laundry routines.