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Bette's Stain Bar

Bette's Stain Bar

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Our 100% coconut oil soap stain bar is the perfect product to complete your natural laundry set.

Use it to quickly remove stains and freshen garments or pre treat tougher stains before laundering.

This bar is designed to make your laundry routine simpler while being kind to your clothes, skin and the environment.

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- Pre-treat stains and odours before laundering

- Hand wash delicate garments

- Use with brush or cloth to clean almost anything


- Made from 100% coconut oil

- Stain remover and deodoriser

- Natural, safe and non-toxic

- Great for grease and oil

- No detergents, dyes, fillers, perfumes, phosphates, optical brighteners or petroleum based ingredients

- Gentle on skin

- Versatile and can be used all around the house

- Biodegradable

- Great for collar and cuffs


- 100% coconut oil soap

No stains, no chemicals.

Simply rub your Bette's Stain Bar over your stain with some warm water and watch it disappear!

Or use it to gently hand wash delicate garments like wool and silk.

100% money back guarantee

We're confident you'll love our natural and non-toxic cleaners.

However, if they're not right for you just get in touch and we'll refund you - no questions asked.

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