How to care for denim

How to care for denim


Denim may have been designed originally as tough work wear but that doesn’t mean you can throw it in the washing machine on a hot wash and expect it come out unscathed.

To get the very best out of your jeans (and who doesn’t want their favourite pair to last for ever?) you need to take extra care when washing them and that means treating them gently.


First, and most importantly, wash your jeans less! We recommended only every 8-10 wears. Spot clean between washes and spritz with a mix of white vinegar and water. Hang out, if possible, to air on a washing line or steam clean after a shower.


Denim, and particularly jeans, are best hand washed. Fill a bath with lukewarm water, add mild detergent sparingly (our Pure Liquid Soap is ideal). Turn the garment inside out and fully submerge in the water. Leave to soak for about an hour. Drain the bath and refill with cool water and rinse twice. You can add about 200ml of white vinegar to the final rinse water to naturally soften the fibres. Take your garment out of the bath and lay it flat on a towel. Roll up the towel to absorb some of the water and then hang up to dry outside if possible. Peg at the waist band. If you can’t hang them to dry outside leave to drip dry in the shower or over a bath.


Always iron inside out when still slightly damp and store on a hanger. Jeans should be hung over a hanger at the knee. If you can’t wash your denim by hand, it’s fine to use the washing machine on the gentlest cycle and minimum spin. A wool cycle is ideal. Roll in a towel and dry as above.



Put them in the tumble dryer.

Use bleach.

Use a harsh detergent - Pure Laundry Powder is your ideal gentle alternative.

Use too much detergent.



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